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    I have created the outline for a site on I now feel that I will have to host it myself so that I can add more plugins . Therefore I would like to work on it locally. I have seen that there are lots of tutorials about migrating to another hosted server, but not to a local xampp server. I have wordpress installed on my local server, but as I like the theme which I have customized, it seems sill y to spend hours I do not have, learning to create sometng from scratch!
    Can anyone tell me how to download my site and install locally?
    Many Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    If you plan to self host wordpressMU (wordpress multi-user) like we have here at then believe you need to read what’s here


    For support on xampp, you will have to get support from them. After you have it installed, then you simply export your stuff from here and then import in into the local install.

    It would basically be the same is explained here: .



    You will also find all kinds of support on this at if you do a search for installing wordpress on your local computer.



    Thanks for the help. The forum here is really great!


    Thanks for the help here.
    due to my dyslexia, it has taken me all day to NEARLY sort things out.
    I exported my site, but then could not remember the login to my local server! So in desperation I have now installed wordpress on a real server.
    I have imported my site.
    What I really wanted to import was the theme (Digg3) and my custom css. Can I download that from here?
    Many thanks


    No, and the theme here has been modified so that it will not work properly on a self-hosted blog.

    This is the link to the self-hosted version, but do note that it has NOT been updated since 2007 which means it has been left behind by wordpress development, and it might require a considerable amount of work to get it to the point where it would support all the features and such that have appeared in wordpress since 2007. It likely doesn’t have the necessary image selectors in the CSS, nor support for threaded commenting and several other things. It could require a considerable amount of work in the CSS, and probably also some changes in the underlying theme php script files.


    Well thanks for this help. I guess I will just have to see what I can create on my own!
    I could have spent hours trying to sort this out!

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