Downloaded a custom banner image and my page names disappeared.

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    I downloaded a header image, removed my blog title and tagline, and, lo and behold, the page titles which had been at the top of the page disappeared and I can’t find ’em anywhere.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you talking about the top navigation that disappeared and is this the site you are talking about, ?




    That is strange that the menu would disappear. Had you created a custom menu? Did you recently change themes?

    If you were using a custom menu, go back to appearance > menu and make sure it is still selected in the “theme location primary pulldown. Also, I’m seeing an “upcoming events” menu item. Is that page published? If it is not published, it will not show up in the top navigation.


    I’m not using a custom menu. The “theme location primary pulldown” seems to refer only to the sidebar. I don’t find anything relating to navigation.


    No, the pulldown in the Theme locations module refers to your top nav menu. If you weren’t using a cutom menu, select the blank option from the pulldown. That option means your top menu will display the default menu of the theme, that is, all your published parent pages.


    The “programs” widget in your sidebar is a “custom menu widget” from what I can see so you are using a custom menu.

    I have no idea what you have done. I added a custom header to my test blog with coraline and nothing I can so short of setting a “blank” menu as the primary makes the top navigation go away.

    You need to go back to settings > general and put a title and tagline into the fields there and then save. Then you go to appearance > header and you can turn off the display of the title and tagline there. That is the proper way to do it and will keep search engines happy.

    As far as I can tell, they only “page” you’ve created is the one you are using for your main landing page (home). If you have no published pages except for that one, nothing will show in the top navigation. There isn’t anything to show.


    This is also a page: .

    Contact staff so they can plunder the backend of your site and see what has happened.


    Bingo! I didn’t understand how the theme location primary pulldown functioned, so when I went there, I saw an empty space and did not recognize it as an option with a function.
    Thanks y’all for pitching in. Getting this up and flying is a biggie for me.


    Robert, you are welcome.

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