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    I probably should have asked this question before I wrote 200+ comments, but is there a way to download (for my own historical record) all of the comments I have written in the past? Or is the only way to do this for me to cut-and-paste each comment into its own .doc or .txt file and save it?

    I guess it’s a question on what the database engine is and whether it can be directly accessed by the author.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you talking about posts, or actual comments that you have made on to blog posts on your blog and/or others?


    As to the second part, no we cannot directly access the databases.



    Sorry, I mean my own blog posts on my own blog.



    If you’re referring to your own specific comments on your blog, I’m afraid I don’t know any way to separate those out. You can export the blog including comments, but you can’t only export one person’s comments. There are services like CoComment which track your comments, but if you haven’t already been using it, it won’t grab comments made in the past.



    I appreciate the help, but I see I am not being very clear. I don’t care about the comments made to the blog…I care about the blog post itself (the confusion arises because before I was a blogger, these were called “daily comments” and emailed out).

    So I have one blog post per day. Can I download them somehow? It’s a lot of content.

    Thanks for the help!


    You can use the export function and set it to export only the blog posts by choosing your author name. It creates an WXR file of your posts. It isn’t individual posts, everything is in one long XML coded file, so if you wanted to have all the posts separate, you would have to go in and pull them out and then save them in Word or a plain text editor.

    If you just want to have copies of all your posts, my suggestion is to get the Windows Live Writer (free download) blog client. When you set it up, it will go in and retrieve all of your posts and keep them on your hard drive. If you are on Mac, then my suggestion would be Ecto (not free but at about $20 not expensive either). It will do the same thing and retrieve all your posts and keep them on your hard drive.


    Oh, sorry, here is the link to the support document on the export function.



    Ah, that’s what I need. Perfect, thanks! I know all of this stuff is probably safer on the web than on my own little server, but somehow my pack-rat nature comes back to haunt me. Thank you for enabling! :-)


    There is virtually no chance that wordpress will lose any of our posts since the are continuously backing things up and have many redundant servers, but it is always a good idea to have another backup on your own computer just in case.



    You know, I wasn’t able to figure out how to get Windows Live Writer to retrieve all of my posts, but never mind that I have a related question…what about historical stats? I know that with my own external site, it saves traffic statistics forever but for wordpress I can’t figure out how to get it (a) in spreadsheet or text form and (b) going further back than the history that shows on the site stats screen. But there must be an easy way for stat geeks like me?

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