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Downloading Confit Theme

  1. Can't seem to find confit theme when I go to install themes on my website for whatever reason it doesn't show up in the selection.

  2. and are separate and run on different software. Themes are coded to run on one software or the other. If there is a WordPress.ORG version of this theme you will find it here >

  3. You'll need to explain further what you're trying to do.

    You can't upload, download or install themes here. You can only select themes from the library and apply them via your dashboard.

  4. If you are referring to the free hosted blog linked to your username you can switch to using Confit here > Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
    Theme description
    Live demo site

  5. @notawoodpecker
    FWIW when I do not provide a full answer in a single comment box that's because I am multitasking and have to answer a phone, etc. I always post again usually within a couple of minutes to complete the answers I provide.

  6. I'm not referring to a free hosted blog by wordpress, but am trying to find this particular theme to use on a test site for a client. I can see many other themes (210) but not that one.I will look in org.

    Thanks Keith

  7. I'm not referring to a free hosted blog by wordpress ... I will look in org.

    Hi Keith,
    I thought that was probably the case. Best wishes.

  8. Thanks for the help

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