downloading everything from wordpress locally.

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    I’ve read the posts about saving local copies but there is not enough detail in them for them to work for me – please fill in the missing pieces of information. I am preparing to close out my WordPress account. I need to download the files and database locally. I am a Linux System Administrator so I don’t need basic tech support, what I need is CLARITY. My site is hosted AT I do not seem to have any ftp settings that work. I can login to the http admin panel, but I haven’t found any information about what form the hostname should have for ftp or what login/password to use in order to ftp. I am NOT using PHP, I do know CLI ftp and I also have FTP clients. AND I am good at importing one database to another – so that should not be a problem, once I can get the files! Is this even possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not sure what you are looking for but step by step instructions on exporting all the data from your site, the content specifically, is found at This process downloads the content of your site from the database into a file that may be imported to another site.

    You do not (and cannot) get FTP access and that wouldn’t help you. Most of the WordPress Themes on are on the WordPress Theme Directory so you don’t need those files from

    When you export WordPress and import into another WordPress (or site, or most other web publishing platforms, check the appropriate boxes to transfer your images automatically when you import the exported and downloaded file.

    If you wish to do something more with the content than transfer it from one website to another, such as create a book from the content, then you will have to be more specific about what you are looking to do.

    I do this with my WordPress students every quarter and it takes only a couple clicks and a few seconds. WordPress has made the process exceptionally simple.


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