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Downloading from Upload

  1. Okay, what am I missing when it comes to downloading stuff after you upload it to

    Is it possible to download a file or image or whatever once it is in the Upload bin? If so, where's that feature hiding from me?

    Is it possible to bulk download everything you already uploaded?

    Once your stuff is uploaded to how do you get it out of Uploads other than deleting a file at a time?

  2. G'morning
    Here's where you access what you uploaded
    -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Uploads
    Click on the image to select and a new mini menu appears with view, edit, delete options. Unfortunately you must delete one at a time. There's a thread in the forum search box on the lack of options for bulk treatment.

  3. Thanks, timethief, you confirmed my experience. I wonder why we can't more easily pull stuff out after we put it up?

    I did a search here for "bulk download" and "download uploads" but did not find a relevant thread. Can you give me the URL for the lack of options for bulk treatment so I can read it?

  4. G'Day again boles,
    I just spent my time going through the search box searching for the string in question. Unfortunately it would appear that it was not intuitively titled and was not given tags that are bringing it up for me. This is the only one I found but I do recall another one. I have a hunch it was in a thread about importing and categories. I'll keep looking.

  5. Yes, that's generic thread that doesn't specifically deal with Uploads/Downloading.

    We have this thread now, though, for future wonderers to find. SMILE!

  6. Yes, I know it's a generic thread that's why I was still looking but I have to abandon the hunt for now. We have cleared all the fallen trees and the power is back on today, although hurricane force winds are predicted for this evening. So while we have power and water I have a lot to do. And of course I'm smiling because I'm no longer shivering in the dark and cold. Three storms in one week with gale force winds of 100 kilometers per hour is a weather record. I'm praying it will never be repeated again. :D

  7. Glad you're back.

    Since this is an easier-to-find-thread, we should also add once cannot bulk Upload files on, either.

    As well, I wish we could also compress/minimize the upload area on the Write Page as we can for "Optional Excerpt" and "Trackbacks."

  8. Thank you for your welcome back. Do you feel inclined to send in a feedback on this? If so I'm certainly on board.

  9. I don't like to bother Feedback unless something is broken or there's an emergency afoot.

    I wish we had a "Suggestion Box" option instead of "Feedback" because -- to me anyway -- Feedback has become what you touch only when you need it for a hand up and not a future want. SMILE!

  10. I agree with you when it comes to feedback use. However, we do have a suggestion box of sorts [she chuckled]. It's called the "ideas forum" and we could ask drmike to relocate this thread from the support forum to the ideas forum. ;) What do you think?

  11. Well, it would be great if he could copy this thread instead of moving it. Is that possible?

    I don't want to move it because it has the answers I was seeking that I could not find doing a support forum search so it would do others more longtime good by remaining here and searchable.

  12. hmmm ... I take your point but I wonder if the search box doesn't actually accumulate threads from both forums. Maybe drmike will read this and come up with a bright idea so we can cover both bases.

  13. I'm sure something good will work itself out in the magic that is drmike.

  14. Related, right, but there may be some in the future who just want pull out what they Upload without deleting it.

    There are technically two "bulk things" you can do here: Importing an outside blog into and Exporting your current blog comments and posts.

  15. Just for reference, staff has stated that feedback is an approved method for suggestions. :)

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