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    How do I even know what version I have? It isn’t listed in programs. Have downloaded twice, and opened but am totally lost as to where the downloads have gone to (can’t find them on my desktop or listed) or if they have worked in some magic way. It certainly isn’t as easy as WordPress make out. The email I had tells me I could go to my dashboard to find the latest download, but all that is there are paid-for variations…well, one step at a time and a bit more clarity would be helpful. A lot of us don’t know what the jargon means. Any hints some-one out there? I would be grateful. Thanks!


    Hi! Your blog is always running the most up-to-date version of WordPress. We take care of all the code updates for you.

    You can find your Dashboard at:

    If you’re trying to download WordPress and install it on a server elsewhere you’re referring to instead of

    Just to clear up any any confusion, and are separate entities. You can find more information about this at:

    There are support forums for at:




    THANK YOU SO MUCH ‘Happiness Engineer’…I love that. Why did I get the email then? It is so confusing. Anyway that sets me free to try to set my blog up again. I had thought no point in even trying without the latest version. Still puzzled about what happened to the downloads…but let it pass! Cheers. Julia

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