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    backing up

    Al lthe WordPress information seems to say that exporting to an XML file to my computer is only for the purpose of re-exporting only to other blog platforms.

    I cannot open the XML file on my intel mac running snow leopard and so I presume this is because it is only for exporting to a blog platform.

    Is this the case ? If it is, then it defies common sense that has not been made clear enough.

    And, so, how do I download a readable version of my blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can just add the Email button to your sharing options and email each post as you make it.


    One simple option is to click “Save Page As..” in your browser. Make sure you have the Save As Type set to Webpage, Complete. This will download the webpage, all the graphics, etc to your hard drive. You will have to do this to each page in your website.

    I’m not sure if this option exists on an Apple, but it works in Windows.



    if you want to download offline webpages of your whole site, use winHTTrack website copier, once installed pick a folder to save your site to, then add your blog link in the address field and then click start..

    It will take a while to run, and it will copy the entire contents of your site, some things you wont need so you can just delete them after the program has finished running.

    anyways, when the program has finished running you’ll be looking for a folder name;

    in that you’ll have all your archive posts and your categories.

    This whole process is far easier than the above suggestions, you’ll take forever with the amount of content you have.

    Hope this helps



    Thannx for the suggestions everyone. That winHTTrack solution sounds interesting I’ll Goggle it.



    Yeah it is a pretty useful tool, if i’m not mistaken there is a demo of it on youtube, easy installation and simple to use, you’ll have all your pages (copied for offline reading) in moments. saves endless amounts of click copy or click save.

    Good luck,



    I’ve had a look at winHTTrack. It appears on its website to say it is a free download ( which it is) but they fail to say it may download free but it simply won’t be allowed to retrieve files until you pay about £70 for a license.

    I spent about five hours letting it read my hard disc before I found all this out.

    I really don’t appreciate that kind of weasily behaviour.

    But, the real problem seems to be that the list of files from which you choose which ones you want to retrieve all have strange names or even just numbers. None of them have file names that I recognise from the files normally on my computer.

    This means I simply didn’t have a clue which files to retrieve and so I just threw out the whole lot of useless junk as an utter waste of time.

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