Downloading Themes From WordPress

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    @perfectionistgal, people here don’t know how to make themes since we cannot do it here.

    I have absolutely no idea your level of programming experience, but creating themes is NOT something for a beginner. If you do not have a high level of expertise with PHP scripting and are not well versed in how to avoid security issues with PHP, then you can really mess yourself up in a hurry. Even going into the PHP files of an existing theme to change or add functionality can put you in the middle of a mine field.

    If you do not already have theme writing and design experience, my suggestion is to scour the internet, find a theme that comes close to what you want, and then use CSS to stylize it (if you have CSS editing experience).


    Just to be honest, I do not like the way you use my real name in public, however you should ask me before using my real name. It is a warning. Listen to me: call me “Perfectionist Gal”. I will get support in wordpress.ORG, so please you don’t have to worry.


    @thesacredpath – Thanks for telling me to put into consideration on regard about PHP files and custom themes. I would like to download an existed theme from wordpress and install it for my website.


    Are you talking about a self-hosted blog when you say “install it for my website?” The themes here have been modified to work at wordpress.COM, and will not work properly on self-hosted wordpress blogs.

    Do a Google search for the name of the theme you are wanting to use (something like “chaoticsoul wordpress theme”). Most of the ones used here have equivalents for self-hosted blogs although they may have been revised several times from the version used here.


    I had a chosen theme and ready for it to use. But there’s not an option for me when i go edit my profile theme.


    I got another idea most recently, I also want a self-hosted blog from but could not figure it out how to use it.


    If your blog is hosted here at wordpress.COM, then you CANNOT upload or use themes that you find on the internet. Those themes are ONLY for self-hosted blogs. Raincoaster told you that in the fifth post in this thread: .

    A self-hosted blog needs a certain level of web knowledge and expertise and from this thread, it is apparent that you are not at that level. This is not me being mean, it is simply the reality that I see.

    The gulf between what is required to blog at wordpress.COM, and what is required to set up, maintain and troubleshoot and blog on a self-hosted blog is wider than the Grand Canyon.



    Thanks, guys.

    For anyone interested in continuing this thread, I suggest a simple copy/paste will save you oodles of time.



    @raincoaster : LOL, you’re soooooo right!



    I just want to note that this thread is hilarious to read. It’s going under my favorites.



    Seinfeld? Lenny Bruce? naaaa! perfectionistgal is the really best stand-up comedian!!

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