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    Can someone tell me if there’s a way to download my blog?

    I want to save it locally, so I can print it to pdf if possible. Thoughts?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. In order to help you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http://


    Well, it’s password protected so not sure how that will help. But it’s



    Thank you. Even if it’s private, we still need the URL, at least to confirm you are on the right forum :-)

    To save an entire blog in PDF format, you can use Zinepal or Blogbooker for example (just Google their names – I can’t post the links here at the risk of having my message intercepted by the spam filter).

    Just one thing though: you’ll have to temporarily set your blog as public (or search engines blocked) for the time the application scans your site.


    Thanks so much! Your help is much appreciated!



    Glad I could help :-)

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