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  1. What's the use of having a closed downtime topic? This is a forum, remember?

  2. They're playing "musical stickies." Here is the one that replaced it.


    Does anyone know how long we were down? Tumblr was down last night, too. Damn sharks with frickin' laser beams!

  4. We apologize. Those responsible have been sacked. Come see the majestik moose.

  5. Rain - we were having issues with being incredibly, incredibly slow for a few hours is what I know about last night. Getting to the forum seemed impossible, and getting around at all was difficult, very slow. The rest of the internets I went to was fine, I tested that out to see if it was my computer or WP.

    Tumblr came back up before this happened to WP, I never went to discover what happened over there - anyone know if they had a DOS attack too?

  6. I can't find anything on it. I did send Valleywag the tip, but they didn't do anything about it. Youtube had an outage as well, for two hours. Like, was any part of the internet I go to not cursed yesterday?

  7. dissfunktional

    How do DOS attacks start? Is it as 'simple' as someone putting something in a post? I found where someone said this,

    "Hope you like the drawing, and the hyperlink DOS attack that is this post"

    is that how it starts?

  8. No. I'm a bit addled from staying up waaaaay too late dealing with cops tonight, but no, that's not how it works. I think Mark might be able to explain it, but Wikipedia will do in the meantime.

  9. Cops? What happened?? You called the cops on the roomie? lol

  10. No, the roomie is gone. You want to know what happened?

    Read my blog!

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