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Downtime Apology

  1. I just wanted to apologize for the downtime that we experienced for the last 20 minutes. It was apparently related to some unannounced network maintenance by one of our bandwidth providers that affected network routes both to one of our datacenters and between all of our datacenters. I am currently working with our provider to get more information and will post anything that is relevant to this thread.

  2. Thanks much, Barry.

  3. Thank you! I was getting worried.

  4. Ok, just as I posted this, it decided to go down again. Our provider has informed us that the downtime may last a bit longer. As a result, we have brought blogs back, but your dashboards are currently unavailable. The time to return says 2 hours, but hopefully it will be much sooner than that. The good news is that people should be able to read your blogs even amidst the various network problems we are currently experiencing.

    I will update this thread as soon as I have more information.

  5. is commenting still up?

  6. It is not currently, but everything should be back online in the next 15 min. Our provider has completed their maintenance.

  7. any updates? it is still not working here. my blog isnt loading either. thank you.

  8. There are some remaining network issues that we are working on resolving now.

    @ujwala -- your blog loads fine for me. What happens when you try to load it?

  9. I'm down too. Blog won't load.

  10. It takes a long time to change pages. And sometimes it fails...

  11. There are still some ongoing provider issues. We're doing what we can.

  12. It is just bad luck. We will take it good spirit and be understanding and supportive and we will be right here, it you need to talk about it. :-D

    (Grrrr! ยค&!#!! Arrrghh!!)

  13. I came over here back in January. This is the first 'real' outage I've experienced since. That seems pretty good going to me, guys, so here's to ya...

  14. Yes, it is a fine organization, - WordPress is great! :)

  15. I came here a few days ago and have seen downtime of some sort every day. ;)

    I read blogs on here a lot before that though, so I know they're normally not like this.

  16. livingrainbowcolor

    When I first went to my blog, I received the downtime message, then a couple of hours later my blog loaded and I could write a post, but apparently the post gets lost when I click publish. The publish seems to happen normally, but then I get the downtime message and I never see my post.

    Have I lost my new post?
    Is this the current state of things?

  17. Our upstream provider thinks they have identified the source of the remaining problems and is in the process of fixing it. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  18. Thank you, Barry.

    timweatherly is right. It is unusual.

  19. Thanks, Barry. Hope it isn't much longer for your sake too, as isn't that coming up to eight hours you've been working on this? Hope you've had coffee breaks...

  20. It works now! Thank you!

  21. Barry --

    The time-based status updates in the Dashboard are much appreciated. It's been a fascinating watching things come and go on my blog. I feel for you guys, though! SMILE!

  22. No. It is unstabil, but there is access...

  23. Barry-
    I appreciate the frequent updates.

  24. Appreciate the updates, but it's at least eight hours now that I can't work on the blog, I'm getting a bit worried.

  25. I could write a post, but when i got an error message when i click save. Did i lost my post?

  26. Are some of the blogs up, and some down right now? I can visit a friends blog here on WordPress, but can't get my own to come up (

  27. Sorry for the delay in updates. Our providers are still experiencing networking problems, but we have worked around them. Everything should be back to normal. If it is not, please post here and I will take a look.

  28. I just signed up for a blog this morning and still can't write or anything from my dashboard....

  29. I'm still timing out, barry. Thanks for the updates, btw -- all of you. Much appreciated.

  30. Everything is working fine for me. thanks for all the updates and hard work.

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