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Downtime Apology

  1. @soapy1 -- Can you please sign up for the blog again while logged into This will associate it with your existing user account.

    @ellaella -- Can you please provide me a specific URL that is timing out for you?

  2. barry not understanding you.

  3. Barry - reading in the faq's I am seeing that I have not yet the email - but when I tried to sign up for the blog as you stated it said it was already taken....

  4. soapy1 - leave a comment at with the name of the blog please.

  5. I got error messages in the middle of editing --when I opened a fresh page (lucky) to look at something from the Dashboard --about eleven hours ago. Each message gave estimated time (each different, each wrong) till repair complete. After about three hours: got a page that said, roughly: 'fixed, but if not please send a Feedback'
    --somewhat amusing, since Dashboard wasn't even visible, nevermind usable. I did send in report though, via regular e-mail. --I couldn't access the Forum or anything else. Haven't received any reply, this morning. My question: the compose page I was editing is still open, untouched, so can you give 100% assurance it's OK to use, now?

    I'm way willing to continue waiting --stuff happens, just life, but if system isn't Fully Correctly working, now, I don't want to get a --surprise. (I am glad to be able to reach this Forum, finally; see your up-dates, thanks.) But: system was down far longer, for me, than you seem to be saying.... I don't mind if there is more wait time, I way mind loosing the content. So: go or wait? Thanks!


  6. morningviewestates

    I'm seeing occasional timeouts and intermittent poor performance (30+ seconds to change screens) when editing my blog. Reading seems to be fine. Pings are 30-50ms.

  7. Moving between pages is slow and stats page takes forever to load.

  8. The only thing that's killer for me is I've been blocked out of every site that I use my openID with. (while was down)

    -5 points for openID

  9. Hiya Engtech! Long time...How's the kitten? Yikes, on the OpenID...glad I didn't understand (original) explanation of it well enough to try it. Ah well, silence is --bliss?

    Gotta question you maybe could help me with, OK to ask at your site? Or send you an e-mail? Kiss the kitten!


  10. Still sloooow...

  11. I don't have the dashboard link on the top of the blog but for the rest everything seems to be working well, although slowly.

  12. barry - it's I can reach my site now, without the dashboard showing at the top, but behind the scenes everything is still glue.

  13. Any chance my blog is going to be available anytime soon?

  14. ellaella, whoishe: your dashboards appear to be working now.

  15. It seems to be working at the moment, but incredibly slowly (posting / dashboard activities)

  16. I'm also a new member, and of course, I'm trying to do something that may tax your system. I'm trying to make a link to an mp3 file work. It's stored on And all I'm getting is endless buffering on the test I'm running.

  17. A quick check of the dashboard shows everything working well for me so far. This is my first time back on the computer in several hours.
    Thank you!

  18. A Good WP Gnome: sent me up-date reply, just now. I post for the confused, the worried, well, whole WP community:

    > I got "error" messages, all over the place, while editing. [--last night]

    One of our major bandwidth providers went down due to unscheduled maintenance.
    We're still working with them (and around them) to get everything back up to speed.

    Apologies for the inconvenience,

    Thanks! Mike

    I told him: 'no need to apologize, unless HE shot the provider. An outage ain't Personal; we're grown-ups, we'll cope.'

  19. I can't access the dashboard sometimes, others I can but it gets too slow and times out.

  20. We're still routing around provider outages to keep everything running. You might experience occasional slowdowns, but for the most part everything is up and working. We'll let everyone know when it's all back to normal.

  21. My blog is still not working. I can access the dashboard, but I can't post. I can't see my header image on my site. Everything is slow.

    Any idea how long until everything is completely back to normal?

  22. Can't import from Blogger now - is this related to the Video Upload new function in Blogger?

  23. There are apparently some lingering network issues in one of our datacenters depending on what location you are coming from. Our bandwidth provider is going to attempt to fix the issue between 5AM and 10AM GMT Sunday August 26th. Will be posting more about that in another thread. I am going to go ahead and close this thread and we can continue in the new one if necessary.

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