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DPchallenge how to

  1. Please, please provide can someone provide a tutorial on the DPchallenge. I have not yet been able to figure out to easily read DPchallenges of see if my posts are showing up. The postaday challenge was so easy to use and read; I am admittedly a Cranky Old Lady, it seems the new way is just to increase WP's stats. Hope someone can make me less cranky.

  2. Go to the sponsoring blog and ask for help there >

  3. They also have this link for submitting a topic

  4. I did figure out that mainly one follows the old Postaday material. My requests for help were not answered.

    Still not sure how to get to a post to a specific topic, but topic can be closed as I will keep experimenting. Thank you Timethief. You are always helpful. Forgive my delay in closing topic. Jammed up lately.

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