Draft accidentally deleted on the app; can't recover

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    I had a published post a few months ago that became a draft when I was editing it on my iPhone WordPress app. For some odd reason it wouldn’t re-publish (some error) and I accidentally deleted it. Then I looked into the Trashed and it wasn’t there! But when I search on Google, the preview is there but the page is gone.

    I tried recovering, looking at caches etc to no avail.

    I find it ridiculous that a deleted draft got permanently deleted just like that on the app. Sigh.

    The blog I need help with is thecloudchaser.wordpress.com.



    Same exact thing happened to me just now!!!


    Hi –

    I’ll be happy to look for the drafts on each of your blogs.

    Please share the post title and site address here with me.



    I spoke to a WordPress expert and she couldn’t find a solution for me either. So I’ve decided to rewrite it.

    But I don’t know if bzc6469 is still in need of a solution.


    I’d like to make sure that there’s not a bug involved here. Can you tell me what site you were working on so I can take a closer look?




    But I’ve had it rewritten so it looks different now.


    janboey – what was the original post title?



    Exact same


    Ok, thank you. I will take a dive in to this and see if I can find it. Will report back here later on.


    janboey – I can see that the post in question was trashed and then permanently deleted by your username. Because it’s been permanently deleted I am not able to restore it.

    If this happens again please let us know so that we can continue to track it.

    When working from the app it is best to work from a quality internet source. If your mobile data comes and goes it could affect the saving of any material.

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