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draft disaapeared

  1. Hi,

    I spent close to an hour writing out a post..saved it and then uploaded an image. When the page refreshed all I got was the image uploaded and the post has disppeared!! I tried going back, forward, every way..but the post has just gone..all that is visible on clicking my draft is the image!! help.. what did I do wrong?? And I am not even a newbie as such.. have been with wordpress for a coupla months.
    Lately I have noticed connectivity problems when I wish to go to dashboard etc..the status bar shows'connecting' and then it gets timed out.
    But how do I get my post back? It seems to have go lost in transferring from wherever to wherever.

  2. I can't address your conncetivity prblems. You could be having browser issues (try a forced clearing of your browser) or this probelem could have other causes I recommend that you send in a feedback on that aspect.

    I'm really sorry to tell you that it may be possible that your draft post is gone for good. But once again only sysadmin through feedback can answer that for you.

    Before your create another post may I suggest that you download a copy of the free BlogDesk offline editor. You can create your posts in it, save a copy as back-up to your own computer and then upload posts directly to your wordpress blog.

  3. sniff..I have resigned myself to the idea now.. that its ..gone.

    How do I 'download a copy of the free Blogdesk offline editor'? seems the sensible thing to do..thanks for the advice.

  4. You get BlogDesk here It's very easy to use and I'm really sorry that you lost your draft. This happened to me too before I used BlogDesk.

  5. Hi,
    I have installed Blogdesk. However cannot find manner by which my posts there are linked to wordpress directly. The box opens with a message."you have not selected blog".

    Also will the html links get transferrred as well, even in the compose mode? And images too?

  6. You need to click on 'file, scroll down to 'manage blogs' and then click on 'new'. Follow the instructions to get your blogdesk up and running.

  7. @kaveettaaka
    When using new software of any kind I always find it worthwhile to read the "help" section. Here's the link to the BlogDesk Help pdf

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