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Draft disappeared overnight

  1. Yesterday I spent several hours on a new post. I previewed it and saved it numerous times as a draft. Today I came back to finish my work only to find that it has disappeared. It's not anywhere - published, draft, trash, nowhere. When I look at "your stuff" there's no record of anything being done yesterday. Gremlins? I was a lot of work to lose.

    Any idea what could have happened?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know what happened. If it cannot be found in draft posts, draft pages, or in your trash, then it would seem that you may have forgotten to click "Save Draft". :(

  3. Sorry - you must have missed in my original post where I reported saving it numerous times. In fact, I shut down my PC at one point in the day, started it later, retrieved the SAVED DRAFT and continued working and saved it even more numerous times - as if once were not enough. I did not forget - but thanks for venturing a guess.

    To me it sounds as if WP had a hiccup and restored my files to their state of the day before.

  4. timethief - sorry for my surly reply. Your comment - draft pages - was on the mark. I was doing a new "post" - or so I intended - but it got saved as a draft page. When I looked under pages, there it was.

    Color me dumb.

    Thanks again for trying to help.

  5. Sorry - you must have missed in my original post where I reported saving it numerous times.

    All the threads we create and posts we make to the forum can be found by clicking "member" under our username. I clicked but could not find anything there other than this thread, so I'm assuming you have more than one account now and that' why I couldn't find anything

    timethief - sorry for my surly reply.

    Thanks for the apology. None of us are Saints. We all have "off" days and we can all manifest "snarkiness", especially when we are tired and frustrated. A mantra I learned from other more experienced bloggers that I try to keep upper most in my mind when I'm frustrated or angry is:
    reality check - it's only a blog! An excellent means of preventing content loss is using an offline blog editor like windowslivewriter or ecto because they provide a backup of what we create on our own computers.

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