Draft has been lost due to maintenance

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    I was writing something and went to publish it – a message informed me that WordPress was currently under maintenance for ten minutes. I guess there’s no way to recover the draft since it was never saved by me – and since WordPress was under maintenance, would the automatic backup be disabled?

    I hit the BACK button and it went straight to my blog, not back to my draft.

    Thanks and sorry if this question’s been asked before. It’s just that I wrote some really good sh!t and am feeling a little bummed out right now.



    Try this: go to your Manage page from your dashboard. Near the top there should be a link to a saved draft (WordPress autosaves regularly). If not, immediately drop the info in a Feedback (what the hell…Mark is still around sometimes) including the name of the post and time and maybe they can do something for you. Meanwhile, I always hit Control A, Control C to copy the draft just before hitting Publish. Hey, it doesn’t hurt.



    Actually there is an automatic save function that should be saving a draft of your post every few minutes. Please see if it’s listed as a Draft on your Manage Posts page. If not, you can try dropping staff a feedback with specifics and see if they can locate it.

    Hope this helps,



    Hey WP-Bloggers

    Today the same happened to me: I lost my new post, while publishing it! I don’t understand how this could happen … What have I done wrong? Could it be, that this strange disappearance had something to do with my account or password? My dashboard-line had disappeared yesterday and I had to ask a new password for my blog … I couldn’t enter admin.

    I hope the support-team (dear Mark) can recover my post … otherwise I’ll have to rewrite … I think I’m gonna do that and I will take your good advices into account. Save, save, save while writing a post.

    Thankx and grtz



    Go to manage > posts and see if it shows up there. If it does not, then in the “status” pulldown at the top select “draft” and then click filter. If it does not show up there it is gone.

    To keep this from happening in the future, you may want to consider an offline blog editor which will save your posts on your hard drive. There is a great collection and review of offline editors here: http://bloggingtips.tumblr.com/post/23496063


    Oh man, I have learned my lesson on this one – three times! And still I write directly from the dashboard. Hey, you gotta live on the edge.


    On the edge is a good way of describing it – and a crumbly unstable edge it is at times.

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