Draft post showed up in Featured Blog

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    I noticed something strange today. My blog was the Featured Blog with the tag Bangalore (Tag:Bangalore). The first post that was linked to was this post which was a draft post that I had not yet published because I hadn’t finished the post. (My default tag is Bangalore, so that’s probably why the post got picked up.)

    I went back and checked the post and it was in the Draft stage. Clicking on the link toom me to an error page because there was no post published. Then, after I edited the original post to change the tag, the featured blog post linked to an image blue_flower_wp.png, which is in the header of my blog.

    Obviously, it’s cool to be on the Featured blog list but the link to an image is strange. I’ve no idea why this is happening, so I thought I’d check with support.



    That is weird. Send a ticket to them via your dashboard and let us know what they say.

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