Draft posts – set to publish on a future date – what happens?

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    So, on vacation, set up some posts in Draft, set to publish daily. My expectation (based on what, I can’t say), would be that WordPress would publish them when the specified date/time arrived. Didn’t happen at all. And the Manage Posts view, as the time gets closer, starts showing publish date as “22 hours ago” when no publishing has occurred at all; indeed that one isn’t set to publish (if such a thing is really supposed to happen without my manual intervention) more than 22 hours in the future. Am I simply not interpreting the publish function correctly? Thanks for any insight provided. WordPress.com members are the best! Oh, yeah, http://mudge.essoenn.com .


    What you have to do is to set the future date on the posts, and then “publish” them. Once that is done, the post will appear on your blog at the time you have set.

    The system will not publish a “draft” post.



    Thanks once again, thesacredpath, that was the missing link, publishing to an advance date. Thanks for clarifying this for me. WordPress members are the best!


    You’re very welcome.



    That’s correct, Richard, but for now at least, future time-stamped posts don’t go into the global tag system when they are published.

    That makes your work a lot less visible, which slightly defeats the obkect of pre-planning a series of posts whilst you are away from your desk.

    There is no workaround for this that I have found so far except for switching back to draft, deleting the timestamp and the permalink (slug) – because it carries the date – and then re-publishing.

    That gets the post back into global tags, but of course you can’t do that when you’re not at your desk. And in fact it’s not a fix at all – you’re just manually publishing the post again later.

    Something similar happened once before and Lorelle blogged about it then. That was a server clock problem, apparently.

    My hunch is that the problem now is something to do with Daylight Saving Time in the US. In any case, i’s never been entirely clear to me whether I need to adjust my settings on the Profile page for British Summer Time or not.

    The solution may depend on whether the global tags system works on UTC (=GMT), like blog stats do, or whether they are locally fixed according to your blog settings. ,

    Either way, I’m confused and it doesn’t quite work properly yet.

    HTH and happy blogging.

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