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Draft Published with "Continue Reading" Link instead of Full Blog

  1. insearchofmyancestors

    Today, I published a draft blog. All that was published is the title of the blog and a link that says, "Continue reading---->".

    Previous to today when I published a draft blog, the entire blog was published.

    When I click on the "continue reading" link, the blog comes up --- but I would prefer that the entire blog comes up instead!!

    Is there a setting someplace that I need to change or ----- ??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, your post is using a More tag right at the beginning of the post. This hides the rest of the post text and gives you the "Continue Reading" link. You can remove that tag to display the text on your blog page again.

    We have more information about the More tag here: The More Tag

  3. insearchofmyancestors

    Thanks soooooo much!!! Fixed now :-)

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