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    Today is one of several days where I post an entry that had been a draft and it doesn’t show up in any of the categories/tags. I make sure to double check that it says publish immediately and even check that it is up to date to the minute. Still, no show in explore topics. Help!

    The blog I need help with is eclecticfaerie.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    I checked out your posts on the front page of your blog and these reasons for non-appearance don’t apply http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts so I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.





    How long was the post in Draft prior to Publish?


    it’s happened five or six times ~ today’s post was in draft since i think may 27 so about 10 days or so. other times it has only been a draft overnight when i’ve written out a recipe then shot the photos the next day



    Ok, and this always happens to you when the post is a draft prior?


    Yes, and it only happens when i publish a draft. I think the only time it didn’t happen was when i changed the time manually because i thought i’d missed that step in the past.

    In that instance, i went in and changed the time, but accidentally made it for 2 hours later than i wanted {1900 hours rather than 1700 hours}. When it said the post was scheduled to publish i corrected it ~ went back in and typed in the correct time to the minute.

    But, like yesterday, i checked the date even though it said Publish Immediately, it all looked exact, but when i published it never showed up. That is what usually occurs when i publish from a draft.



    Ok, can you give me a link to the most recent post which did not show up?


    sure here you go





    I don’t see anything wrong with that post or your blog. Have you ever published a post with more than 10 tags and categories (combined)?


    yes, i believe it was after the first incident with a draft not posting ~

    I had one or two posts with maybe 10 or 11 tags/cats but edited that down a month or so ago. I have also changed around tags/cats because, as the blog has grown it was inevitable ~ other than that I always make sure to keep the tags/cats under 10 ~ if this error from the past is still affecting my posts then I won’t use the draft option any more



    Ok, if you went over 10 tags/categories recently, it may take a few days for your blog to show up again.

    Hang in there, it should be back soon!


    okay thanks for your time macmanx

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