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Drafts left alone lose paragraph breaks!!

  1. Please, please, please can you do something about the way - since the last update - if you leave a draft post on screen, and even if you have saved your changes, when you return to the computer all the paragraph breaks have gone, leaving the draft as one continuous block of text.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That doesn't happen to me using Windows 7 and FF 29.

    Exactly what kind of device are you using to connect to the internet and to

    Exactly which browser (and version of it) are you using? Please check here if necessary

  3. One more question: Are you copying and pasting text? if so then are you using the paste as plain text icon 5 in Row 2 of the Visual editor?

  4. I’m using Chrome 35 on Windows 8.1, and it’s happened ever since the last WordPress update. I’m also aware of the plain text editor - which is another backward step in my view now that you have to click the button before you paste in order to paste as plain text.

  5. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance because I do not know how to help you. Another Volunteer may answer prior to Staff but I tagged the thread so it will not fall through the cracks and escape attention. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  6. It's certainly a curious one. To clarify: if I am working on a draft continuously, whether regularly saving manually or relying on autosave, there is no problem. But if I leave the computer (for more than 15 or 20 minutes) with the browser open and the (saved) draft on screen, when I return all text formatting has been lost, including paragraphing, so I have to work through it all, manually restoring paragraphs and formatting. There is a simple solution, of course, which is to close everything down and then reopen the draft from the WordPress server when I return - but it's something I tend to forget, especially if called away from the PC. And it's puzzling - I switched to Chrome because it was happening in Firefox and I thought that was where the problem lay. The phenomenon only appeared after the last WordPress update, which makes me suspect a bug - somehow related to the interaction between browser and WP server? I wish I didn't keep forgetting to shut down the PC - it's very frustrating.

  7. Hey Gerry!

    Sorry for the trouble you experienced. I'm not able to replicate the problem you described. However, next time this happens, you may go through your post revisions and restore the appropriate version of your post from there.

    Thank you!

  8. Have you installed any add-ons like a Code Cleaner? Or a grammar add-on? Sometimes they do things like this.

  9. No add-ons installed, raincoaster. Thanks druesome, I'll certainly bear that in mind. For now, I'll just try to remember to close WordPress and browser if I leave the PC for any length of time (Ie, not leave saved draft open on screen).

  10. No problem Gerry! Have a nice day. :)

  11. I am having the same issue as Gerry.

    It occurs when I use Chrome on my Chromebook. I do not have this issue using Chrome on Windows 7.

  12. Hey!

    Sorry to hear about that. If you surround your text in paragraph tags containing a style attribute, that also will prevent the breaks from inadvertently disappearing:

    <p style="padding-top:14px;">Your paragraph of text here.</p>

    You may read more about that here:

    Hope that helps!

  13. I really don't understand why WordPress isn't doing something about this frustrating bug which only emerged after the last update. Yes, we could add paragraph tags manually - but why should we have to when this never happened before? There must be many bloggers who leave a draft on screen and go away for a half hour or more, expecting that a (previously saved) draft will not have dissolved into an undifferentiated mush.

  14. Hi Gerry!

    As a workaround, you can try editing your posts in a different browser such as Firefox or Opera.

    Let me know if leaving a draft open on either browser gives you the same results.


  15. Hi - I installed Opera and left a draft on screen for several hours and the problem was not replicated. Meanwhile, in Chrome, the same page had reverted to undifferentiated text after about 40 minutes (please note that when this happens, WordPress saves back to the WP server the messed-up version, overwriting the earlier paragraphed one).

  16. Hey, thanks for taking the time to test this!

    I would avoid editing your posts in Chrome for now and stick to Opera. It could be a problem specific to your browser and I do feel bad that it appears to be beyond our control. For that, I've given you 30 free credits that you can use towards any upgrade in our Store that is of the same value or lower. My sincere apologies!

  17. Thanks for your attention to this issue; I'm grateful for the credits (might go for a font upgrade!). Maybe I will switch to Opera - big step, though, after being used to Chrome! Cheers.

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