Drafts not saving, pictures not uploading

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    Okay, I’m becoming frustrated and irritated after only having used wp for a week. I have on more than one occasion saved drafts, only to find out that nothing saved. I’m also trying to upload pictures to my blog. They show as 100% uploaded, but then I can’t access them. Beginning to think of moving to a different blog service before I get too far in here. Anyone having issues like this? I’m really pretty savvy with this stuff, so I don’t think it’s just me. I have wasted a lot of my time on these issues. Trying to be patient and chalk it up to a learning curve, but when 45 minutes of writing and editing disappeared on me this afternoon, I’ve about had it.

    The blog I need help with is mystainedglasslife.wordpress.com.



    a) Yes, many users have been complaining about disappearing drafts ever since the latest major updates, and so far WP has nothing to say about the issue. Avoid using drafts: when you start a new post, write a couple of lines, set the visibility to private, publish the post, continue editing and updating, turn to public when finished.

    b) What browser and version are you using?




    Same with me, similar attempts from wordpress to distract and blame the user.



    Hi I had that problem with drafts disappearing but that seems to be resolved for me and then I would enter photos and they would disappear but now am having problems with all of a sudden photos just not uploading at all. Have tried everything suggested and also used malwarebytes/ccleaner/changed browser – all to no effect. My connection is slow but it was slow at the previous location many miles away and I could still upload photos slowly. I wonder if I upgraded to pro if this would be any different?

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