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Drastic appearance differences in firefox vs. ie

  1. My blog ( looks fine in internet explorer, but completely crazy in firefox. In firefox, all of the title of all of the posts is small and unbolded and all of the text is in italics. The sidebar is much thinner and all the wrong colors. please help!

  2. I think as far as the italic goes you have an open tag in your first post. I don't have IE running, but in Safari (mac) all the text in the first post is showing italic (except for the bold text at the bottom of the post). I'd check that first post for an open tag.

  3. I've checked for that but all of the italics tags are closed (that first paragraph was supposed to be in italics). Actually, it looks fine in safari as well as internet explorer, its only firefox that's the problem.

  4. Yeah, FF mac shows it all italic as well. Someone with more experience will likely weigh in in a bit.

  5. actually, tsp is correct, you have an open italics tag in the most recent post here:
    <em>are coming up in just a couple weeks,

    You have the "More" tag coming soon after that italics tag without closing it, so the post splits. There is no closing tag on the main page. Just add a </em> right before the "More" tag.

  6. Great! That fixed the the appearance of all the posts, but the sidebar is still funky. Any other suggestions?

    Exactly what do you mean by "funky" :)
    In firefox I see a gold coloured background in the sidebar.
    In IE6 I see a white colored background.
    Is that what you are referring to?

  8. That happened a long time ago to some blogs using Regulus. I doubt i'll be able to find the thread, but i'll try...

  9. The gold background is supposed to stop right under the search box. Also, the sidebar is thinner is firefox, making all of the graphics pop out of their boxes, and the boxes are also the wrong color. Also, the text in those boxes shouldn't be in italics.

  10. Thanks for posting the details. Staff can never get too much information :)

  11. OK, i think i found it:

    bottom line, i think you need to contact staff using the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday

  12. Ok. I actually did that before i posted here, although i guess it wasn't during business hours for staff even though it is during business hours here. hopefully I'll hear back from them tomorrow or i'll try to submit it again. Thanks for all your help!

  13. you're welcome :-) I was hoping that open italics tag would solve the whole problem and i wouldn't have to go hunting for that old thread (unrealistic, i know).

    Hope you get it sorted out.

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