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Drastic drop in page views

  1. Within the past few days, I have experienced a drastic drop in page views, although I have done nothing different in my own writing and posting. This seems to be a significance change from the normal day-to-day variation on my blog. Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see a drop in page views every weekend and on every long weekend and holiday.

  3. Thank you TT, but this is far different from what I also see on the weekends and on holidays. I average between 500 and 800 views a day: today less than 150.

  4. Wow! That's a dramatic drop. I can't explain why it's happening, but what does come to mind is that if your blog is usually getting traffic from the tag pages, and you have used more than a combined total of 10 (ten) tags and categories on any individual post, then it will not appear on the global tag pages.

  5. Okay, thanks TT. I will at least check on that.

  6. I've noticed that AOL's search engine has been re-examining the way they rank blogs, so if the majority of your hits were coming from there, that could be it.

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