Drawbacks of the new Editor Beep Beep Boop

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    – The Page settings option is bad, doesn’t provide all options properly as expected
    – The Parent pages lost and no way to restore them. To restore lost Parent pages, you have to go back to the old editor.
    – No way to set Parent pages for new pages. Very easy with the old editor.
    – Change Page Order doesn’t change the link of the page accordingly.
    – New Editor is worse then the old editor.

    How to set the old editor as the default editor for my blog “http://docvui-suynghi.net”?
    Please help. Thanks.
    Thuan Hoa
    Email: (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is docvui-suynghi.net.



    Hi there. I’m afraid there’s no way to set the old editor as default. The simplest option is to just bookmark the links to the WP-Admin dashboard and editor and use that instead. You can find some other options at this link: https://tpenguinltg.github.io/wpcom-edit-post-redirect.user.js/index.html

    As for the pages issue, staff are aware of that and working to fix it, but they can’t tell us at this time when that will happen.

    That said, creating parent-child pages and changing page order is actually way simpler if you use a custom menu, rather than editing page properties. With a custom menu you can simply drag-and-drop the pages where you want them. See these links for instructions and tips in creating a custom menu:



    In the topic “Manual redirect using bookmarklet”, there is this instruction “Drag the link “Edit in classic editor” into your bookmarks”.
    How to do it. Where is the link? What sort of bookmark? Bookmark in the internet or bookmark on the dashboard? Where to put the javascript?
    With the expertise of WordPress staff, why WordPress didnot provide temporarily an option somewhere for users to change to the old editor if wanted? I spent lot of times for this new editor. Please help urgently.Thanks. Best Regards. Thuan Hoa



    To bookmark a page you click the bookmark button in your browser (usually star-shaped) while viewing the page.

    For the bookmarklet on that page I linked you drag it from the page into your browser’s bookmark bar.

    To add the JavaScript userscripts you need to be using Firefox or Chrome and install the correct add-on as explained on that page.

    Note that that page is not a WordPress.com support document and is not endorsed by WordPress.com. It is a list of workaround that you can use to not use the new editor, but you use them at your own risk.

    With the expertise of WordPress staff, why WordPress didnot provide temporarily an option somewhere for users to change to the old editor if wanted?

    There was such an option for several months after the new editor was introduced. That option was removed in March. I can’t tell you why they did it, but staff have repeatedly said that they’re not going to bring it back, so the workarounds I gave you are the only options.



    It is slow, annoying and with no advantage to me when I edit existing posts. Please rid me of beep beep boop for always and for good.

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