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Dreamweaver, MAMP, local server...only for .ORG domain?

  1. I have been hired to edit someone else's blog. I have some experience with Dreamweaver and Flash but none with wordpress and anything involving databases/server configurations will spark fury and frustration like the fires of hell in me so I try to avoid that. Nonetheless I thought being able to integrate some good content into the site would be worth it so I tried every tutorial under the sun but along the way noticed the discrepancy between .COM and .ORG capabilities, namely, there is no FTP access for the .COM site so wp-content can't even be seen. Is the .COM site too limited to even bother with local server syncing and editing?
    I've already decided it is at this point, but if not please let me know. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is just that .com and .org have specific use cases. It is not like one is limited and the other is superior.

    Please read the following two posts for a better understanding of .com and .org and understand what each of them is for: and
    The $64,000 Question: or

  3. Yes I have read those links, they are nothing but metaphors until the very end and give no technical details at all. It would be a little more helpful if someone could clarify whether the process outlined in my title and question is possible / a good idea with a domain or should be reserved for .ORG instead.
    After looking at these links, I'm pretty sure either a $99 Premium upgrade is required or a .org domain is necessary.

  4. Dreamweaver, MAMP, local server...only for .ORG domain?

    Yes is the answer.

  5. Assuming that purchasing any upgrade here at WordPress.COM will provide FTP access to a WordPress.COM hosted blog is wrong because it will not.

  6. Thank you for the clarification!

  7. You are welcome. :)

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