drip content from text files, any help?

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    I have been wondering about this for some time,
    now it is time to get a page running and setting it up.

    What I would like is for a data base of text files,
    to become posted 1 per week.

    I have a folder documents.
    I plan on have a WordPress page, either hosted here or self-hosted.

    How is the best way to have an Autonomous system,
    where by these files are sequentially blogged.

    I am guessing for one I must host them all remotely
    and not on my own system, unless I left it on 24/7.




    Autoposted material is not possible at WordPress.com really, so you will need to buy hosting somewhere else and set that up with software from WordPress.org.



    there must be a method.

    does wordpress support post via e-mail?
    then I just need to figure out how to automate e-mails hah!


    You could prepare one or more ahead of time and schedule them to post at some future point:




    thank you for one solution. but I have hundreds and wouldn’t mind if it happened while I am away from the pc.

    so I guess if the site cannot support script.

    how could I host the text files (poems) somewhere and have them posted,
    using a word press based site? 1 every 3 days lets say.

    thank you

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