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drmike rocks

  1. Enough said. Thank you.

  2. This is from a blog post I'm currently composing for

    "He's back [thank gawd! he's back]. Any newbie blogger would be in danger of being lost forever in the alcoves of the blogosphere, if it weren't for the cyber lights shining in the darkness i.e. friends found in forums like drmike.

    After my interesting experience at Blogger ..." :D

  3. Prop a wedge under one foot. That should stabilise the guy :)

  4. My usual hangout was closed this weekend for the holiday so I was stuck at home on dialup. Still behind on my tickets and email as well.

    Probably won't be here Tuesday either but we shall see.

  5. if you didn't take time off, we might too easily take you for granted ;)

    you rock, rock.

  6. Dr Mike is the real Doctor in WP.COM - very informative & really helpful. Hat's Off drmike.

  7. And he does this for free too. :)

  8. keyboardcombatant

    lets add my thanks in here before it gets too long to read.

  9. ya, terima kasih banyak-banyak, drmike!

    (yes, thank you so much, drmike! in malay.) =D

    am v. curious from the start - why the dr in the username? are you a dr?

  10. I would also like to applaud cornell & podz for a good support & advice.

  11. And he does this for free too

    Don't remind me about money. :(

    I will admit though that someone here paid for my webhosting for a few months though. For certain legal reasons thanks to my ex, I have to host my websites off of my servers. (Which is one of the reasons why I have so many problems with it.) I'm hoping to have a replacement box that I can use sometime in January once I get my start up loans paid off. (You would not believe the bandwidth that Kim Possible Screen Capture site eats up. I have nearly two dozen other sites hotlinking to pictures in there. :)

    Nod to Nosy, Options, Wank and TT as well. :)

    I know Matt has commented on the community support over at I hope he sees it over here as well. :)

    Sulz, I have three of them, two being honorary. Not medical though.

    If anyone is interested, I made up a small wishlist a few weeks back of things that could help me out. Most of them are free although there is one on there that does concern money. I do get the occasional offer of funds (I live on a small disability check so money is tight) but I'm fine and I do a fair amount for the community as well. (You wouldn't believe how many weekly bus passes I buy each month to help some of the homeless I work with! :)

    Thanks again,

  12. bump

  13. *LOL* he sure does :)

  14. Hey, my tummy ain't that big. I'm down to a 36 waist. :)

  15. thereflectiveteacher

    You rock, drmike!

  16. Amen. Dr. Mike is the shizznit.

    But I see his wishlist has gone Poof! Does that mean all his wishes came true?

  17. I fixed the link to the wishlist. Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry about that.

    I picked up the laptop finally (On hour three of running Windows updates currently this morning. Lots of fun.) so that's covered. I've removed the Starbucks bit as they don't do free internet like the other coffee shops do. :(

    Pretty much looking for the *.pdfs now. With all of these school accounts, I can't access those sites that list downloads. Not that I would suggest such a thing of course. *whistle* :)


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