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Drop Down error

  1. Has anybody come across this problem?

    I tried using the drop down list for "categories" and "archives", but in either case you cannot select the first choice in either group. I mean, for archives that makes sense because you're viewing your most recent posts on the front page already, but for categories you should be able to choose all of your categories, right?

    If I didn't explain things clearly enough please check out my site and see the "categories" and "archives" section. I can't choose "0- Announcements" under categories nor "April 2007" under archives.

  2. That is a really stange isn't it! I will send in an email to staff about this issue myself! Thanks for pointing that out!


  3. Hmm, you can't. At least for me in Netscape 7.2.

    Tought choice too as it's something broken but it;s not something fully breaking your blog.

    I'd go ahead and send in an email to support at this domain and point it out to staff. It's probably an easy fix.

  4. I did send in an email on this one already!!


  5. Deja vu maybe?

  6. :)

  7. Yes I see what you mean and I was noticing this just a few minutes ago myself as I was testing out the new drop-down feature. I also notice that the categories drop-down does not display the categories in alphabetical order, but in some other "random" order that may (i have no idea really) have to do with the internal ID.

    Best suggestion would be to send in an email with what you see with examples like you posted here and your blog address to support (at) wordpress (dot) com since the feedback is closed for the weekend or wait till Monday when it's opened again. My email's sent :)

    edit: man you guys type fast ;)

  8. @walkthewok
    Do you see the label in the first text box as shown on ? For example, I have implemented a drop-down list for my archives, and I don't see the "Select Month" label.

    Also, I expect to see March displayed as the label when I chose "March" from the drop-down list and the March posts are displayed.

    Like you, I cannot choose the first item, in my case the current month April. Which is how I thought it was meant to work, thinking the current month is not an archive. But then found I could not go /back/ to April.

    Thank you for highlighting the issue.

  9. @dilletante
    I believe Mark is aware of the issue and has brought it to Joesph's attention so all you can do is open the widget, uncheck the drop down, click "save changes" wait for it to be corrected.

  10. @timethief
    Thank you for letting me know that the issue is in hand.

  11. Looks like the alphabetical sorting of categories is now fixed that I mentioned in a previous post. The original posters problem still exisits of selecting the default category shown in the drop down. You can however select another category then select the original default one...not great but a workaround. They will probably have to put a "dummy" option value (ie Select a Category) for the drop downs like they show visually in the link above.

  12. Just noticed today that the 'drop down' feature now has defaults. The Archive one says "Select Month" and the Categories one says "Select Category". It works perfectly now. I'll assume this was Joseph so thank you!

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