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    Hey y’all! How would I change the font in a drop-down menu? The list in question is on my website: xyzena.com. When you hover over “PHOTOS” in the page nav menu, a list of subpages drops down. I can’t for the life of me get that list to appear in my font of choice (Anonymous Pro)! I started with the Bueno theme and went from there… but I’m a total beginner at CSS.

    The blog I need help with is xyzena.com.


    You have the right selector, but you need to add the important attribute to it as follows so that it will override the original stylesheet. Normally that isn’t necessary as your changes load after and override the original stylesheet, but the original designer included the “important” attribute on the font declaration in the original stylesheet.

    #pagenav li ul a:link, #pagenav li ul a:visited {
    font-family: 'Anonymous Pro',serif !important;


    That worked beautifully. Thanks!


    You are welcome.

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