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    I’m moving from Blogger and I’m not very tech-savvy.

    On my Blogger site, I have a series of lists in the sidebar, such as Posting Categories, Selected Posts, and four or five different link lists. I’d like to have these as drop-down boxes, which would take up less space. Is that possible?

    Second question. How do I get at the code in widgets and templates to edit it manually?



    You would have to be able to edit the theme to be able to do that. Since we’re on a shared environment here, we don’t have access to the files. Also note that accessability here is a big thing and drop down menus cuase issues for those with sight issues and the browsers that they use.

    As to the widgets, they’re located at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar widgets. When a widget is active, there’s a little white box with lines that you can click on for editing.

    The poster may want to take a few minutes and read the stickies and the FAQ blog, both at the top of the forums. May do some good :)



    I have the same problem. I have so many clustered categories and it is so space consuming if it is displayed all. Could i just display the main categories and have drop-down list of other sub categories ?.



    Drop down lists are not available on wordpress.com themes.



    Drop downs are now available on certain widgets (categories and archives) :)




    Marked as resolved then.

    Hmm, tag clouds. I wonder if engtech has seen that yet.



    This may be marked as resolved, but the drop-downs don’t work well. See the clouds and drop-downs post in WordPress latest news and associated comments. For instance in the categories widget, selecting a drop-down category works the first time but not thereafter as the URL generated from the drop-down is incorrect.



    Forum volunteers cannot help you with the difficulties you are reporting, only staff can. The place to report them directly to staff is in this thread that ryannjenn provided the link to http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/04/27/clouds-and-drop-downs/



    <i>Forum volunteers cannot help you with the difficulties you are reporting, only staff can</i>
    Yes I know, thanks – I have a comment in that thread awaiting moderation. Just thought users should know that things are not working well, given that support is closed for the weekend.



    I will let joseph know as soon as I see him.

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