Drop down menu appears blank when cursor hovers over

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    My menu with it’s drop downs was working fine yesterday. Today when I hover my cursor over Books in the menu, a box appears beneath it which is supposed to display all the sub items (drop down items), but it is blank. How do you fix that?

    The blog I need help with is jewelquinlan.wordpress.com.




    I tested your site and the dropdown sub-menu items showed up correctly, no problem at all. In your case it might be a case of fonts not loaded properly, but generally there should be no problem.

    Can you please check and see whether the issue persists?



    Thanks for the reply. Actually, last night I had changed the color for Site Title, Post Titles and Links to the beige color you are seeing now. When I was having the problem it was white (which is what I want).

    I also have Text Color, Site Description and Widget Titles in white currently. I would like for them both to be white but then that is when I have the problem with the dropdown menu looking blank. When I hover the cursor over a menu item it will appear in a grey color, but only then.

    Is there any way around this issue?



    If you have the Custom Design upgrade, then we can fix the issue by adding specific stylings. If you do have it, please ask for help in the CSS Customization forum and some of us will help you:


    Other than that, I’m not quite sure if there’s another workaround.

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