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drop down menu for categories

  1. thegraindesign

    Someone who had posted how to create a wide header for the Imbalance 2 theme that I'm currently using, and I was able to create the wide banner image I wanted as well as the navigation bar below it. Those links in the navigation bar go to pages, but is there any way that I could set it up to where I had a drop down menu of my categories that fit next to the links to the pages? Essentially, I want the same navigation menu I have right now, with just one more link that says "projects," that has a drop down list come from that "projects" link and allows a user to navigate through my different categories? (furniture, wall art, invitations, etc.)

    My blog is

    Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thegraindesign

    By the way, I want to place the "projects" link next to shop.

  3. You can't add drop-down menus using HTML in a text widget like you've setup so far. I think the best way to start would be to use the methods mentioned here:

    I don't think the other examples account for submenus, so reply back here after you've updated your CSS based on the examples linked above because we'll probably need to look at the drop-down menu after that to see if we can get them to work.

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