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    I have a huge list of links I’d like to condense into categories and post on a “favorites” page. So far, I haven’t found any way of doing so… does anyone have a suggestion?

    Just to clarify, I don’t want an admin dropdown menu nor do I want a dropdown menu for my pages. Just several dropdown menus on the same page that each have a category and set of links contained within…

    Thanks in advance!



    Unless I am missing something (don’t think so) there is no option for “drop-down” menus for your blogroll and links, sorry!




    I’m not sure it’s possible to have multiple dropdown menus – and even if you could, both would be the same.

    Nevertheless, using a parent and child hierarchy in your categories and links, and by writing a separate dedicated ‘links’ page, you can still achieve some of the same effect within a single sidebar dropdown menu.

    I’ve followed a similar workflow to subdivide book chapters from themes within my blog:


    It takes some work to categorise your posts to get the desired effect, and you may also need some creativity in naming your categories, since the dropdown menu stubbornly defaults to alphabetical order.

    This workaround is far from perfect, but it may bring you some of the way in the direction you want to go.

    Hope that helps, and good luck !



    Links and categories are different. As my own blogroll grows, I’ve been wanting a dropdown as well, similar to the one we have for categories. Perhaps that will come down the road.

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