Drop down menu from admin bar not working properly

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    I’ve got this weird thing at the moment that only happens when I’m in the forums here. When I put my cursor over my name on the admin bar at the top of the window, the menu drops down as usual but then when I move the cursor down to click on anything the menu then vanishes! It’s fine on the dashboard of any of my blogs and anywhere else in wordpress. I tried it in Support and it’s okay, it’s okay in the wp.com own blog… what the heck is going on with it?

    I’ve cleared my cache, it still happens.

    I’m using Firefox 11 on Windows XP.

    This has been going on for some while, occasionally it’s okay, most of the time it isn’t. I can’t find a pattern that tells me when or why it works sometimes.

    I have to click on my name, go to the home page and get to my dashboard via that.

    I’d appreciate some input on this when someone’s got some time. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is artbyvalerde.com.


    It happens here too, unless I move very quickly. It started today. Firefox 13 on Mac, and did all the dances as well.


    Update: I think this might be a Firefox issue as I have just tried it in Opera and it works okay there. Maybe this is something staff could address?

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