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    This morning my drop down menus have a white space between the main and the sub-menu items so it’s difficult to get to the sub-menu items and it doesn’t look good. It was fine last night when I last worked on the site.

    I do not use CSS on this site. Any feedback would be great.
    Thanks, Sandy

    The blog I need help with is tlacares.wordpress.com.



    I found the problem. Whenever I use CTRL- to decrease the size of the text/graphics on the screen, the main menu separates from the sub menu items. When I use the CTRL+ to increase the size of text and graphics on the screen, the main menu item and the sub menu items come together again.

    I don’t get it? But at least I know why it’s occurring. How will I know if the visitors to this website are having problems viewing the multiple levels of the menus on this website?




    I’m using the twenty ten theme on wordpress.com without CSS access. I’m also not using custom menus at this point. Should I be using custom menus?




    Hi Sandy. I’m experiencing no problems when viewing your blog. You can certainly use a custom menu if you prefer.
    But if you only want pages displayed on your header, a custom menu is not a requirement.



    Hello you two,
    I’m using Firefox 4.0 and I have increased and decreased the text size several times. I did not see any separation like Sandy described. I see a normal display just like airodyssey,

    Which browser and version of it are you using Sandy?
    Have you tried this? http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/

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