Drop down menus and Chrome problem

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    In my blog I have a personalised menu with dummy labels in the top bar and drop down menus for almost all items. When using Chrome, I experience the following problem: with the mouse pointer over the top bar item, the drop down menu opens, but when I move the mouse down to click on one of the choices, the drop down menu closes immediately before I can click. This happens 90% of the times (sometimes the menu just stays there and I can click, but it appears to be a somewhat random success). I have found a workaround that means clicking with the rigth mouse button on the top bar item: this opens the right button menu *and* the dropdown menu, but the later is “freezed” and I am able to left click on it and proceed. But this is not very funny…
    Does anyone experience the same, and, most interesting, is there a cure for it? (Apart from using IE or FF or whatever, of course…I cannot ask all my readers to change browser)

    The blog I need help with is superbasketball.wordpress.com.


    Mybe I should also specify that the theme I am using is Andreas09. I hope someone can help on this, but maybe it is connected with the theme itself. I can use the menus on other blogs with different themes and there I do not see this annoying fact.

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