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Drop down menus not working on android browser

  1. I am using the coralline theme and have seval pages accessible as pull down menus. Unfortunately I just found out that the android phones some of my students have is unable to pull them down. They either just load the parent page, or simply do nothing.

    Mobile theme is on, and if I turn iPad friendly option on, the same behavior happens on my iPad I can see the sub menus, but only the parent 'placeholder' page loads.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry about the grammar oops in the original post. Caught it just after I submitted it. Don't see how to edit my own post - will welcome suggestions on THAT as well! ;-)

  3. If it is the app written by wordpress you need to inquire over at

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  4. Thanks for responding, however the issue is not about the WordPress APP on either platform, but rather the browser experience. When browsing the site via android, users are unable to access the pages under the pull down menus because the menu doesn't pull down! Tapping on it simply loads the (blank) parent page.

    I turned the iPad specific view off, and the site behaves normally when visited on my iPad. I need android clients to be able to view it though.

  5. southburnabychurch

    I'm using zBench by zwoooooo on 3 different sites, with the Mobile feature enabled. Viewing them with a Blackberry Playbook I've had the same browsing experience: i.e., not in the WordPress App - in the browser, dropdown menus don't drop.

    For all 3 of my sites, this is an important feature, and not something I can easily change ...

    The sites are,, and


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