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Drop Down Menus, ZBench Fail?

  1. Obviously I am confused. My particular interest was dropdown menus, so I did a search on same within the appearances/themes choices and liked and activated ZBench. Could find no dropdown function within ZBench, nor anything referring to how to create dropdown menus in ZBench.

    I did, however, find that there is simply a function in WordPress, parenting, that allows me to create dropdown menus.

    Are there any trees here that I was barking up? What does ZBench do that parenting doesn't that is called "dropdown or drop down menu"?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. And, moreover, this parenting function does not work in ZBench, which why I called this topic ZBench fail? Is it time to move on with another theme?


  3. the fail: improper use of the menus cat. in the dashboard.

    when building menus parent and child no longer exist. all pages get converted to tabs. to avoid this DONT use menus... rather just allow pages to show as tabs without restricting things...

    i think.

  4. Many themes (including zBench) support a top nav menu. Their regular top menu automatically displays tabbed links to all your published parent pages. In several of those themes (including zBench), the regular top menu automatically displays dropdowns if you create child pages.

    In all of those themes you can replace the regular top menu with a custom menu, which can include tabbed links to any valid URL. When you create a custom menu, dropdowns have to be created manually, as shown in this screenshot:

    For more on custom menus see here:

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