Drop-Down Option for Categories on the Misty Look Theme

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    When I use the drop-down option, it goes over the margins of the sidebar. Check to see what I mean



    that theme was designed before the drop down widgets were released. best bet is to contact support, since they’re the only ones who can fix it.



    Either that or go back to not using the drop down feature.



    Mine is the same. But, if I don’t use the drop down then I have a front page a mile long. It does overflow but it functions fine so I’m using the drop-down.


    Thanks guys! I’m like you Timethief! We have like 75 categories! LOL. I can live with it. It’s not that big of a deal. But, I’ll let support know. It would be nice to have it perfect, you know? :) Once again, thanks for the input!




    I also long for “the perfect fit” so you certainly have my support and I have sent in a feedback too. Happy blogging. :)


    I’d like to see the drop down option enabled on ALL the themes, since there are a lot of the themes that arent.



    the problem on your blog isnt the widget. It’s your categories. Categories should be only one or two words, the one that pushes your beyond the limits is: ‘Pictures Of Gay Men Rule Authors’ If you changed that to say ‘Pictures of the Authors’ you’d probably be back within the theme borders again. Samw with your other long category titles, try rewording them so they’re shorter.

    Also remember that the theme side bar is set to a specific width, once you go over that width you get what is happening now. The only way to fix this is to increas the sizes of the space available to the side bar, or to make it a fluid side bar so it grows and shrinks as is needed.

    I think that can be done through the CSS upgrade, though i cant tell you how since i suck big time at CSS.



    Oh Wow, Thank You Timethief! I had no idea! I’m a member on Gay Men Rule, also. I’ll spread the word.



    I didn’t know this drop down category wasn’t available for all themes. I’m in agreement with you.

    @joshua {waving} :)
    I also agree with the advice tiamasdisciple gave you about category titles IMO they should be a single word whenever possible.



    @timethief….Hiya!!!! Long time, no hear! I moved to Seattle – and taking care of biz.
    @tiamatsdisciple – thanks for the tip – worked like a charm!


    Glad to help


    Yeah some themes dont support drop down menus, i think its the way the theme was designed and hasnt been updated

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