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    I’m trying to create a dropdown sub-menu on my blog: austincoworking.wordpress.com. My theme is Editor. I’ve watched every video on the topic and read every step-by-step instruction. If you look at my menu setup right now, you will see the main menu item and beneath that, three subcategories/pages. The 3 are indented. My goal is to see 3 categories on my landing pages, and for readers to hover over “Blog” and then choose a category from a dropdown menu. I’ve burned through hours trying to make this happen. Can someone confirm for me that the Editor theme simply does not allow dropdown menus so that I can stop trying?

    The blog I need help with is austincoworking.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Your theme does not use drop-down menus. See the demo page for Editor to see how that theme shows sub-menus:


    The reason it’s not working on your site is because you have a Home-item set in your active menu, but that item doesn’t exist.

    Go to My Site ->Customize ->Menus, and select the menu titled Primary.

    Click on the Home item and remove it. Then click on Add Item ->Pages and select the Home item that should appear at the top of the list. Reorder your pages to create the sub-pages, and publish. Then the menu should appear correctly on your site.


    Thank you so much for verifying that! I followed your instructions and the site looks exactly like it’s supposed to now. Thanks again!



    Happy to help :)

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