Drop down sub-page links not working anymore (theme Twenty Ten)

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    Drop down sub-page links not working anymore – theme Twenty-Ten. My blog = http://thoughtsfromthewell.wordpress.com/. I really like the Twenty-Ten theme. I’ve got several parent pages that display on a navigation bar at top (just under header visual). Sub-page titles display properly when mouse hovers over parent page title – BUT! – for some reason sub-page titles won’t ‘stay put’. When I slide mouse down to select one, they disappear – or – I get a red circle icon with line across as universal ‘won’t work’ symbol. I managed to get one sub page link to work yesterday by ignoring the ‘not available’ universal symbol (so it seems the link is active – but not properly ‘available’). The problem’s a new development – these sub-page titles used to function properly. Obviously not encouraging to a potential viewer interest in a sub page. I hate to ‘pester’ support but have combed forums and run searches without finding reference for this problem. Thank you for any suggestions you can offer!

    The blog I need help with is thoughtsfromthewell.wordpress.com.



    I went through your site and the main menu items and their subPages are working just fine.

    Where are you seeing the Won’t Work symbol? In your web browser? In the WordPress Administration Screens in the Menu Screen?

    They are working just fine.

    You may wish to review Post vs. Page and Custom Menus for more help organizing your site’s content. I couldn’t find easy access to your posts, but the site is clearly still in development. Keep up the great writing. Thanks.


    Some egg on face here and deep thanks for your taking time to check. This morning I re-checked and details are not quite what I described. The ‘won’t work’ symbol is black (or dark grey), with the universal slash running from ‘5 to 11’ on an imagined clock face. I think it’s the ‘you can’t do this’ icon – ‘as if’ I wanted to ‘move’ the parent-p title, when all I really mean to do is hold the drop-d list in place so I can slide down and select a sub-p.
    You’re right, the sub-p links work. When I hover the mouse over the parent-p title, the sub-p drop-d list displays. But the list disappears if I slide down to select a sub-p; I can’t ‘click once’ on parent-p to cause drop-d list to freeze, as is the usual with drop-d lists.
    IF I click on the parent-p, the sub-p list holds but as I begin a slide down – the parent-p title, along with the ‘can’t do’ circle icon, stay visually present and ‘follow along’.
    As long as I ignore the unusual (‘can’t do circle’ overlaid on parent page title visual’), I can ‘tow’ both these along while I make a sub-page title selection.
    While typing this reply and my thanks, I’ve been confirming my experience and find it hard to detail the process – micro details take lots of words!
    Since you didn’t have the same experience, I’m going to assume the glitches are in my system. My system is pretty old; it’s got other issues (auto restarts for no reason). A tech has concluded it’s related to visual display driver … won’t explain more but live in quite rural area, tech support not within minutes, no ready retailer resource – so presently my system remains ‘glitchy’.
    Generally, except for auto-restarts, my on-line displays and interactions are pretty routine. Unfortunately re system glitch, other ‘rural life related’ tasks take precedence. What’s happening at blog may be further proof my system issue is related to visual display. Plan is to get my system fixed or replaced by late fall at latest.

    Again thank you – so very much!!! I’m considering this ‘resolved’ as a blog issue – and *really* appreciate your time spent and input.


    Was focused on my original question and missed “I couldn’t find easy access to your posts, …”
    I know you don’t have scads of time – but can you explain a bit more or give a specific example – do you mean cross-links within text, or search box, or ?? don’t work? When I test these they seem to work – I try to check them out to catch glitches. Thanks!!


    Later – acknowledge ‘clearly still in development’ – and re problem of ‘easy access to posts’ – have spent some time this am establishing links on some pages to specific references to other pages and posts (rather than assume viewer would find these.) Am thinking that may be one issue you were ‘flagging’ as a weakness. Thank you again for your time, your input, and your encouragement!

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