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Drop-off of stats

  1. whatisityouseek

    I noticed in the last 6 days my stats went from 2,000+ a day to under 200. I know readers fluctuate, but not that much. Is anyone seeing their stats drop or immediate increase? I just find it rather puzzling how my stats were climbing and then all of sudden dropped off. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this.

  2. What is the URL starting with http://of the blog you are referring to?

  3. whatisityouseek

    [mature content blog]

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

  4. You have a mature content masturbatory style blog with sexually explicit text. i assume that has been reported to Staff and the Tags and Categories are not appearing in the Topics (Tags and Categories) pages any more.

  5. whatisityouseek

    Thanks for your support on this. But I don't understand how it would just suddenly drop off, especially from 2,000+ to just over 100 in a couple of days. It is very deceiving. I have almost 100 followers & I know they may or may not effect my numbers, but I received better views a year ago than I do now. I believe that there is something screwy with the blog stats itself and the counter than with the categories. I will keep looking into it.

    Thanks Again.

  6. This site is tagged for Staff. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  7. then add a third party stats package like Stat Counter and see if the general numbers track - note that no two stats packages agree with each other but the order of magnitude should be the same

  8. whatisityouseek

    Thank you timethief. I am subscribed to thread. And I am waiting patiently.

    @auxclass, where am I to find a 3rd party stat package to add to my wordpress site?

  9. If you WERE in the tag and category pages, and suddenly got dropped because you were listed as mature, that might account for at least some of it. If you got dropped from search engines for being beyond "Safe search" parameters, that would absolutely account for it. What do your search stats look like historically?

    You can use statcounter I believe, from as well as several other non-javascript stat counters.

  10. Stat Counter is one that I use - Google should get you there - remember to get the plain html code not the script or iframe code - they won't work here

  11. whatisityouseek

    @auxclass, my stats have been steadily climbing over the last 6 to 8 weeks. My search stats or "categories" as showing how I was found, are all very high and of the categories I have listed on my blog. I was averaging around 850 - 1700 views a week and my search stats for the last 30 days is over 4700. But as of last Wednesday, February 12, I have over 700 searches and my views were over 1900, then on Thursday, February 13, I dropped down to 104 searches and only 400+ views. That is why I am so perplexed over the sudden drop.

    I will look into that and see if that can help.

    Thanks and any additional information would be helpful.

  12. whatisityouseek

    Thank you raincoaster for your assistance and to you also auxclass.

    I added the code and I have a counter. Let's see what I actually get as far as views.


  13. Yep, it sounds like search engines have classed your blog as adult, and it's off a simple search. It will show up in porn searches.

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