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    Hello guys,

    I’ve been working on one problem for quite a long time. I am using custom theme and unfortunately their support is not answering to my requests, so I am kinda desperated now… I need to increase width of dropdown menu, unfortunately I am not able to do it or find how to do it.

    Nothing like…

    .main-nav ul ul li { width: 200px; }

    …works for me.

    Here is the site I need help with: http://justas2.arcadastudio.com/telepaslauga/

    Dropdown menu called “Vedinimas” and then I move my cursor over that, text is in 2 lines instead of one longer. Thanks for help :)



    It looks like your site is using self hosted WordPress.org.

    This forum is for WordPress.com issues, which is different in many ways from WordPress.org. You can read more about it here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    Please head over to the WordPress.org forum, where the good folks will be help you out: https://wordpress.org/support


    I am not that good in CSS, but please try this and check if it works.

    .site-nav li ul {
        width: 200px;


    Thank you,

    I am using installion by Hostgator, wasn’t sure where to post. I’ve already posted in wordpress.com

    I’ve tried to add that, but unfortunately nothing changed. Thanks for the effort tho.


    Ah, that’s a bummer. It did work for me when I tried in the Chrome dev tools, but maybe it’s getting overridden on your site.

    You could try the same thing after adding the !important parameter to the width.

    .site-nav li ul {
        width: 200px !important;

    Hope someone with better CSS knowledge answers on the WordPress.org forum.



    Thank you very much! It works :)


    Phew! Glad that it worked. :)

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