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Dropdown Menu Color

  1. I'm having two problems with my site.
    I'm using Untitled theme.

    1) the dropdown menu under "Our Team" has a black outline which I'd like to get rid of. I can't figure out the CSS for this.

    2) My "Home" button has suddenly stopped working.

    Any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

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    Hi there. For the drop down menu, the black outline is actually a background color on the unordered list. The following CSS should work for you:

    .main-navigation ul ul {
        background-color: #fff;
        -webkit-box-shadow: none;
        box-shadow: none;

    As for the "Home" link not working, it appears that your #content div is "covering" it. The following CSS should resolve it.

    .page-title {
        display: none;
    #content {
        margin-top: 57px;
  3. Spectacular!! Thank you so much!

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