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dropdown menus in navbar

  1. Hi there. I'm new to blogging. Does anyone know if the theme 'Rounded' supports dropdown menus in the navbar? My pages run along the top of the screen. I was hoping the nested pages would show when you scroll over the name of the Parent page. Or should I just hyperlink the nested pages in the Parent page's post box? Many thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello i am new too in all this, can somebody talk me how to buy or find first the page to buy a template , is this one:

    but i am not able to find it.
    pls any help

  3. emilianogatica,

    Please, do not hijack threads. Your post is irrelevant to the original post. Open your own thread if you need further assistance.

  4. Hi again. Still searching for info on the dropdown menus. I forgot to include my blog address:

    Thanks for any help!

  5. elizabethwolf

    You can't, except with the Inove theme, or with CSS experience / paid upgrade:

  6. @elizabethwolf - like 1tess said, you can only have drop down menus (without upgrades) with the iNove theme. I'm using it on my blog, and I'm pretty happy with it. You can check out how it looks on my page.

  7. Thanks 1tess and arcadata. Appreciate the help!

  8. You are welcome!

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