dropdown submenus for Modern News no longer working

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    I understand how to make submenus in the dashboard, and saw them working correctly before, but they have mysteriously stopped working. I should clarify that the dropdown mechanism does work, but only for one submenu. I believe the Modern News theme supports at least 3 levels of drop downs, and I have seen two levels of dropdowns working correctly at one point on my site, but no longer. Currently, when I hover my cursor over one parent menu, it drops down to show the first level submenus, but when I hover over a first level submenu (one that has its own submenus) the respective second level submenus do not appear off to the right side. The second level dropdowns were working correctly as of a week ago and I have not done much fiddling with the site beyond posting items and rearranging widgets. I have checked and rechecked that the menu items are arranged in the correct hierarchical order and that the correct menu options are enabeld. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is mcowlerson.com.



    This is a duplicate thread. Please see > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/dropdown-submenus-for-modern-news-no-longer-working?replies=7
    Also note that the blog linked to your username has been deleted so we don’t have a clue which blog you are referring to.


    Are you using the wordpress standard custom menu feature, or is this something that is built into the theme itself? The problem is, none of us volunteers have access to any of the premium themes, so it is probably best to post in the premium theme support forum where you have access to the theme team and the theme author. That is part of what you are paying for with the premium themes.




    Indeed and that’s what I said in the first thread. :)

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