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  1. Well now you have something to blog about tomorrow. :)

  2. defrostindoors

    This is probably a dumb question with an obvious answer, but is there any way to tell if someone has hit the "bury" button on Digg? How many buries are needed to sink something? It shows who dugg it but not who dugg it down.

  3. @defrost: no, that's all hidden.

    Everything submitted from my site gets buried within 3 hours now.

  4. That's so ridiculous. Your stuff is EXACTLY what they want on Digg.

  5. Obviously he's not part of the clique.

    I dunno why we still care about Digg when it keeps proving how irrelevant and hosed it is.

  6. @rain: yeah, I made the mistake of getting to the front page of digg with a post that was critical of digg... so now I'm on the auto-bahn.

    I can't stumble submit my own posts anymore, either. Damn you internet, for stealing all my traffic generating ways.

  7. thistimethisspace

    I stumbled your "Using Comment Spam to Measure Blog Rank" post. It was really a good one. Actually everything you write is right up there on the scale of the most useful information in the blogosphere.

    I think from what I've heard about digg and reddit that it's not even worth my while to join either one. My blog is a personal development blog about fashion, food, fitness and self help topics. I'm sure my posts would be immediately voted down. It seems that these places really are "a man's world". If you're not writing about politics or on "techy" topics you haven't got a chance.

  8. There's a lot of politics with social networking sites. A lot of them develop the attitude after a while that all bloggers are spammers. :)

  9. And so they become intellectually and socially anorexic and they starve. That's why reddit is rising fast (after a shaky start) and Digg is really falling off a cliff unless you're techie. But if they're cutting themselves off from your stuff, they're really just self-cutting...which brings me to lolgoths! Have I mentioned LolGoths?

    My post which was critical of reddit and Digg has gotten 30 hits through digg and 148 through reddit today so far. Bring. It. On. (thx defrost, we're so totally not a cabal, no way)

    TTTS, reddit might be a home for you; take a look around. There are lots of social topics there, although they tend towards the political. And never forget that the MAJORITY of bloggers are women; the average blogger is a 40-something female who blogs to keep in touch with friends. You have a potentially enormous audience, and of the social networking sites, stumble and reddit are your best bets. I'd join stumble and add some of your great posts if only my computer would run the toolbar, but it won't.

  10. You mean it gets deleted out of existence???? That's so bizarre. I thought stumble added plus votes, but there were no downvotes.

  11. No, you can give a thumbs down, which supposedly just means "don't show me any more like this". I didn't think it worked because I usually downvote things which contain Flash but it still shows them to me.

  12. It's not even deleted out of existence -- you can't submit posts from anymore.

    I've emailed them, but no response.

  13. engtech:

    i just stumbled your productivity post with no trouble (i chose a random post just to test it, but it is, as always, excellent).

  14. @judy: that's because that post had already been stumbled. They won't let anyone submit new sites from

    I wasn't able to submit

    but I was able to submit

    They've put a block on my URL. I wish they'd tell me why.

  15. OK, i Stumbled that page from your wordpress URL. I got a pop-up window saying "You've discovered a new site! Want to tell us something about it?" So, i did. It shows up on my favorites page.

  16. Hopefully that worked.

    Strangely, Diggers seem to have developed a sense of humour over the past several months. At least, the last thing I submitted was voted up to seven diggs in a couple of hours, whereas the same article on reddit is now at MINUS five. Those redditers really need an enema, I'm telling you.

  17. FYI 8 diggs = 97 hits through the page on Digg.

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